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"Journal de Rosxiel"

"Life is hard だけど Happy"

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Journal de Rosxiel

Welcome to my profile page....I am a huge fans of 嵐 forever and ever....
My favorite member is Ninomiya Kazunari (二宮和也)..
So the main thing that my journal present will be Arashi...my own opinion about Arashi..
News about Arashi but mostly my own interest of Arashi...
I love Arashi since 2003...

I am not only like Arashi but I also like the other Johnny's group such as News, Tokio, Tackey and Tsubasa and used to be Kat-Tun....even though I am not really update about them..
I also like the Juniors..especially M.A.D. maybe they're not really popular but their dancing skill is awsome...and I always consider to be a part of Arashi..
It also because they are always become a backdancer for Arashi..
My favorite member of them are Matsumoto Kota, Kato Yukihiro and Hayashi Shota....
Beside M.A.D. I also like Kisumai and A.B.C without Z....

Basically I love everything about Japan...
Their culture, music, celebrities, tv show, dorama, etc....
I also like Tenimyu...and some other stage performances...
And not only that, I am also a Kamen Rider Freak..I always keep myself updating about the latest kamen rider news..
My favorite Kamen Rider series are Kamen Rider Ryuuki, Kamen Rider W and Kamen Rider Kiva..
My favorite artists beside Arashi are Kamakari Kenta, Makita Tetsuya, Kiriyama Renn, Yanagishita Tomo, Daito Shunsuke, Yoshizawa Ryo, Watanabe Shu, Suda Masaki, Nakamura Yuichi, Mizushima Hiro, Koji Seto, Maki Horikita, Toda Erika.

Last thing..
My layout in my livejournal is a product of Layout from okimiyage

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